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Re: How to Recognize Physical Beauty

Originally Posted by UraSatVen1029 View Post
I actually really resonate with this. But I only have Libra as my MC though, not a single 7th house placement or a planet in Libra at all. My family LOVES to argue and make drama, and I'm the only who hates it. Heck, I'm forced to be their peacemaker at times. But with the last two sentences though, it sounds a little like Pisces.

I wanna do the same with my ascendant sign! Capricorn.

I swear, can't they just lighten up? Relax? They're so rigid and hard. Pessimistic too. And I admire that they're realistic and are responsible, but unlike their opposite sign, they don't want to be openly vulnerable and it can cause them to keep it within themselves until they just breakdown. Can't express themselves that much too, it's like they have to keep this stoic neutral face and it can sometimes give the wrong impression (I mean, that's based on my experiences though). Hardwork is absolutely their thing, but they also have the tendency to pile it up, ugh. Same with receiving pressure. *sigh*
Yeah that sounds like capricorn. I have my sun in capricorn. I think me having an abundance of neptune kind of offsets this. But I can be rigid.

Pisces can be more of a door matt. A lot of things about pisces sound like libra sometimes, although these two signs have different elements and modality. Libras in certain situation will act like that, like if a lot of their life was abusive and they come upon a person that treats them a little better than the abuse they've suffered, they'll take it until they realize the unfairness of the situation but it will take them a while because like pisces, they are a naturally naive sign but that doesn't mean they are stupid. They also have a capricorn 4th house if they are a libra ascendent so home life didn't go so well especially if there are malefics in the fourth house. Both these signs can be codependent except pisces to a greater degree because pisces likes healing and being able to empathize with the bad guy. It serves their martyr complex. Libra will just be very sweet until they come to the realization that you're taking advantage of them.

Again there's good and bad in every sign. We wouldn't really be on this planet if we were all perfect.
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