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Re: How to Recognize Physical Beauty

Originally Posted by Animatrix View Post
Hehe, it's so interesting to read this.
I would fear Taurus, it's the last sign I would want to make mad, but if I would get into a fight with one, I would know that it was over when I came home. With Scorpios, I could never feel safe - they could come thirty years later with their revenge. Scorpio's "Never forget, never forgive". I do find some Scorpios to be cowardly actually, they are sometimes manipulative with their Words, because sometimes they are small of stature. And sometimes Scorpios are so sleazy. Some Scorpios are so extremely handsome, but many of them got something reptilian about their appearances actually, somtimes in an attractive way, sometimes not. I could show you examples of what I mean.

I'm myself a Virgo, and they say that you naturally like your own sign, or the signs of the same element. I cannot say that about Virgos. The thing that bothers me the most with Virgos is that they are not sympathetic, nor compassionate. I have a lot of Neptune Contacts and water in my chart, and I can say that I am very emotional kind of person. But most Virgos I have met aren't. A true Virgo will never tell you openly that he/she Thinks you smell bad, got ugly clothes or something like that, BUT THEY THINK IT. And that's what I hate most with them. Even if they outwardly are polite and graceful, they don't seem to feel this magnanimous generosity and acceptance of others faults. For example, I was on a meeting some time ago on my job, and my Virgo colleague (a man of middle age) was talking to a man who obviously had no clue nor anything to do on the meeting. The man was uneducated and had no manners, yet he was nice and would talk a lot. And I could see how much my Virgo colleague loathed this man, I could see it in his Eyes, like he was thinking "oh my, what a retarded bum, what a disgusting creature", yet he was acting extremely polite towards the man, and would even give him compliments. Virgos give you a compliment yet say with their eyes that they loathe you. And yes, I could respect that they are trying to act noble, but they are so Cold and mean in that disgusting, indirect way. They often pride themselves with their compassion and gentle manners, but in my opinion their gentility and seemingly compassionate natures are worthless, because they do not feel it with their hearts. This fault-finding tendency and unwillingness to embrace others, fully and completely, is what bothers me the most with them. And, being self-critical, I can say that I also have had this trouble, but it is the trait of mine that I have worked on so extremely hard to overcome. Virgos must learn to focus on that which is Beautiful in people. One shouldn't hate Virgos either, actually, because their fault-finding tendency is just a reflection of their deep, inner discontent. A truly happy person will Always see the world in its Beautiful light. Virgos are also the most selfish sign, by far. And this is because they are so helpless, so they focus so much on their own survival - I am of course talking about the lowly Virgo, the one not awakened.

And what you say about Virgo's desire for class is true and not true. Some Virgos are not at all ambitious or after prestige. They are happy with just enough money to eat. But yes, Virgos hate vulgarity, and I do also. I cannot stand foul language, and I never could. I'm not upper class, nor do I admire upper class manners especially, really. But I watched a program with a very successful person who happened to be a Virgo, and it was almost pathetic to Watch him, because he was obviously totally excited about being rich and famous and his nerves almost failed him cause of excitement and awe when he was let in the high circles, so pathetic really. He tried to hide his enthusiasm and pride when the interviewer asked him about the massive amount of money he had earned, and laughed nervously. When I see such people, I feel bad for being a Virgo. I never see such dorks of any other sign. Virgos remind me of foxes, and they do have something foxy about their appearances, I do as well, I Think. When they are not evolved, they seem to be so insecure and like they have no firm ground to stand on, and they are like clinging to things, people, status and money for their survival. They seldom have faith or any higher spiritual aspirations. It kind of surprises me that some writers associate the sign of Virgo with innocence. In my experience, Virgos are really the opposite of innocence. For me, the truth is rather that the quest for Virgo is purity and righteousness; it is the ultimate goal of the Virgoan soul; that after a hard battle, they stand forth as that crowning glory of the purified Virgin, the compassionate, selfless servant to humanity, too pure to be approached by the impure, yet compassionate and embracing. That's my goal, at least.

I feel kind of hypocritical now when I have just wrote a fault-finding wall of text, but this is is basically the only things I cannot stand at all in people, and I have spent much time thinking about it. I do also feel like it is my right to criticize my own sign harder than any other sign, due to natural reasons.

Pisces are kind of similar to Virgos, in that they are very fickle in a way, in my opinion, at least the not so evolved types, but when they do include some spirituality in their lives, and they find a moral system that suits them, they are so wow oh my Beautiful people, and their spirituality is their strength, because they are sensitive. But they are way more likable than Virgos as a general rule, because they are kind of innocent, not so discriminative, and Always so creative and talented in some way. My ex Pisces girlfriend was a painter, and a pisces friend of mine was incredibly athletic and could jump from high Buildings and land on his feet etc, incredibly inspiring. That guy had Sun-Pluto aspect though, so that made him a little daring!

There's been two virgos I like. Some virgos are actually like pisces and some are innocent and pure even though even though they are discriminative. Knew a girl who wanted her brother to marry from the same state in the same country they are from? This isn't even race anymore, it's tribalism to the next level. Like what kind of ridiculousness? But she was nice, selfless, and pure but yes they don't like vulgarity or the dark things.

However, when you have virgos that have other things in their chart that make them want to engage in darker, vulgar things like sex, drinking, drugs, partying, then you have a cunning fake *****. Knew a virgo with prominant lilith placements, and she would do it all and come back and act like a virgin, backstab her friends to keep up the good girl act but later make the friends think they owe her. This is the type that will make it look like they are still a virgin because the the guy didn't push deep enough. I'm sorry, this type is utter trash. They'll be madonna one day in front of parents, friends and society and the next, they'll **** at the back alley and be cunning enough to handle it all.

I've known darker signs like cancers and scorpios. When they have the dark knight of the soul, or gothic rebellious periods, at least they'll be somewhat authentic about it. And I respect that ten times more to be honest. I mean don't go around bragging about your wild nights to your family, but don't go leave an impression of being someone you're completely not either.

Are scorpios short? You said they were of small stature? lol I've had people tell me I like sleazy-looking guys when I'm not interested in doe eyed taurus men. And yes these men do have a reptelian vibe about them.

I'll tell you what I hate about my sign since you said what you hate about yours. My ascendent is libra. Libras are soo scared to rock the boat until it's too late. But they do care for justice and fairness eventually so if you completely put them off of some sort of balance, they will fight you. But usually they're treated like a door matt before that happens. They're naive to see it too.
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