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Re: Venus lines in relocation charts

Yo' is a funny one, got to agree there with Moulin! A friend of mine visited Italy at her post-high school graduation/pre-college trip compliments of her parents. She related a story of the admiration she recieved from those emotionally generous italian guys: "he stood there leaning against the wall of a building as I passed, gave a little whistle to get my attention, gestured with his index finger in and out of circled thumb and index of his left hand and winked and smiled at me". hahahahaha! She loved it!

Aside from downloading some free software (some are stingey and give you only "samples") to play with for a month before you buy.
Your birthchart & progressions and transits still figure first timing-wise. Why not schedule a trip when the time is right/ripe to one of those places. Maybe you'll meet someone on a flight or right where you live from one of those countries.

Hey, you could be like me. I have a venus line running through Japan and some godforsaken place in upper east Norway. Sad, sad sad.
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