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Re: Do you agree with this? (House Positions = Sign Placements)

Originally Posted by moonris3 View Post

If astrology is a science, like you said, and like I believe it to be too, then the solutions are always one. If we get differing results (and we know most results are.. a bit too broad, if not usually wrong) then it means we're applying the wrong procedures, for even if we apply different methodologies in a scientific research, we have to get just one result.

This to say, if the 4th house is related to the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, then it can't mean male-like things. This is not a sexist statement and has nothing to do with society. It's life as simple as it is: male+female= life. No matter how many embryos you can nowadays reproduce with a computer, they'll be made as well by the male and the female. The Sun and the Moon can't be mixed following trends. The zodiac, which is life itself, can't be "updated" to social trends. No matter how many trans or gay people are out there nowadays, they've always been there. Same with the "collective consciousness", it's broader than your geolocation, weather might influence it but then, it will influence everyone.

We really need to rediscover the zodiac, this means, to me, to rediscover the real traditions. They're way before Ptolemy, way before humankind..
No, astrology is not a science. This thread clarifies why:

I hope you will also read Deborah Houlding, Houses: Temples of the Sky.

The traditional association of the 4th house as one's father and paternal inheritance has no reference to the moon as Big Momma. There is nothing intrinsically feminine about the moon: in Scandinavian pagan lore, the moon (Mani) is masculine and the sun (Sunna) is feminine; probably relating to the sun's more life-promoting traits in a cold climate. The Babylonian moon god Sin was masculine, and our western astrology ultimately derives from them. Khonsu, the ancient Egyptian moon god was masculine.

Until fairly recently, even in the West, one inherited one's surname, and any goods or land, from the father. In this sense, the 4th house also relates to family history (genealogy.)

In terms of modern astrology, I think the 4th does have meaning as one's early childhood conditioning. But of course, Dad (or his lack) has an impact on one's childhood as well as one's mother.
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