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Re: Do you agree with this? (House Positions = Sign Placements)

Well that's ultimately exactly what I was arguing in my previous post re using Mother/Father as defining terms for those houses (and why it causes such huge dissonance). My entire statement is that using Male and Female as defining factors is ultimately more restrictive because on a whole, our perception of what role a Man and a Woman play have changed and continue to change drastically. Even the perception of Mother and Father is changing. My stating myself as an example (though anecdotal and understandably why anyone would want to dismiss it) was to show it's use in practice. But this hasn't really changed at all across the board from other charts I've seen in which their parents have switched roles or have non-traditional roles.

The long story short is - There's probably more flexible language to be used to make sure we're not unnecessarily boxing out experiences and, at the end, preventing ourselves from allowing Astrology to evolve as our perception of the roles that we play at large evolve as well.
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