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Re: Should the death penalty be allowed?

Originally Posted by Bambi95 View Post

Ah, sorry. I'm a Journalist so talking about politics and stuff comes natural for me. We can stop.

But yea, death penalty in America costs too much.

Originally Posted by AppLeo View Post

Lol why are people saying the death penalty costs too much???
They'll cost more sitting in jail for the rest of their life.

I support the death penalty. There are people that just don't deserve to live.

other issues involved
Is The Premeditated Killing of any Human Being Ethical and/or Morally Justifiable

Originally Posted by Mark View Post

I have two persuasions about this one.

Firstly, the intentional killing of an human is never the right course of action.

Secondly, if you're going to execute someone, quit being a p**** about it and just shoot him in the head.

A "lethal injection" for the state of Georgia costs about $450 per "dose"
and an elaborate system of application involving many people (some of whom get paid for this).

If you're going to make yourself a murderer, don't pretend you're being humane.

If you were really humane, you would be rehabilitating that guy instead of killing him.
So, just shoot him in the head already.

At least we wouldn't have to wonder whether or not he regained consciousness and remained paralysed while he slowly died.

Humane my ***.
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