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Originally Posted by Julia Karmic Astrology View Post
Hi Mia,

I love Joaquin Phoenix, and had read about the tragic death of his brother, River. In terms of their upbringing, I have not read about parental abuse, but the family appears to have been quite unstable, erratic, nomadic, and impoverished...(cut quote for shorter post)
I feel so bad for him too, especially since he witnessed the collapse. I have siblings and wont even say that I cant imagine what it is like, because never would I try to imagine that kind of pain. Joaquin is quite interesting too, if youd like to analyze his chart Id be happy to read it. They lived, by some accounts, like devout Christians, like hippies, like homeless, etc. I heard about their poverty, and I think that that connects to his mothers poor boundaries : I might be cynical, but usually, sending a young kid into hollywood is done to support the family, so she might have been somewhat of a stage mother. Maybe this was his "partner" role, instead of being taken care of financially like a child, he had to earn their living?

My question relating to his death is, could it have been a prank played by someone that went horribly wrong? I cant imagine why someone would take so much drugs all at once if they knew what they were taking Also, you mention the theme of poisoning quite a lot, and havent mentioned any murder victim aspects, so that kind of accident might fit the best?
Im so sad to read about his drug abuse problems, and at the same time it seems inevitable, or almost, considering all his troubling influences. Could you comment on his 29 degree Moon, Ive read so much scary things about this degree... are they true for him?

You mentioned how he was a rising star in the business, and while it makes me sad to think about that loss, Im curious as to how his choice of roles an his approach would have evolved. Also, he apparently wanted to become a musician too He also was a vegan and environmentalist which makes him such a weird paradox of constructive ideals and destructive behaviour.

I was very intrigued by what you wrote on Pisces, since some people in my family are very piscean. Do you mean that those with that energy feel tired, or bored by everyday life? Would that cause escapism? One of my pisces relatives loves spiritual practices like crystal healing and astral projection, and I wonder if there is a pull to let go and just leave this world already, but not necessarily in a dark way...

And finally thank you so much for your response, I love reading your analyzes, and still you amazed me by the detail into which you went to answer my questions. Im glad youre on this forum, it needs people like you!
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