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Re: Why do 90% of people only wanna know about love and relationships?

Originally Posted by craft94 View Post
Relationships are more important to some people than others just as career is more important to some people than it is to others but I think it's a fallacy to say that self-actualization and relationships are at opposite ends of a spectrum. It's normal and healthy to want to form intimate relationships with people. Some people feel happier when they're in a relationship. Humans are social animals, after all. It is not a weakness and it does not necessarily mean you "haven't gotten in touch with yourself" or that you "can't stand to be alone with yourself." Thats co-dependency, but I've noticed many people tend to assume that this is always the case when it's really not?

I swear every time I ask about relationships, at least one person assumes I have a co-dependency problem and tells me I need to "get in touch with myself first" but I know perfectly **** well what I want (being alone all the time can do that to you) and sometimes, too much time spent on self-reflection can actually drive you crazy. Believe me, if I was desperate for a relationship, I would be in one already, but it isn't healthy to spend this much time in isolation! I've learned that if I continue to "focus on myself" and wait for the "right person" to come along, I'll die alone. I've done enough focusing on myself.
That's why 7th house is a main important house in the zodiac-squaring career.
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