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Re: Why do 90% of people only wanna know about love and relationships?

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
The literally identical question was previously asked by member julian
who conveniently enough has literally the identical natal chart
and was answered indubitably by the following post

Mercury stationed on 2 April 1999 at 02:58AM
Mercury then went direct on 2 April 1999 at 03:19AM

since jollyzals natal chart
AND julians natal chart
are BOTH dated 1 April 1999 with a time of birth 1:21PM

jollyzals natal chart AND julians natal chart BOTH have a retrograde Mercury
and NOT a stationary direct Mercury

So there isn't any kind of orb to allow planets to be considered stationary, even if their movement is extremely slow? If not, then that Mercury only stationed for 20 minutes. I know my Mercury is in shambles. If my Sun is the strongest Sun I know, my Mercury is the weakest I know. Well, atleast it's still in sect and in the cusp of a house and ruled by an okay Jupiter I guess.
This leads me to a topic I don't want to know a lot about, but it's about my life span and death. I think I will live for many years to come. Please I would kindly ask everyone else to not add anything to this specific part of the post, I just felt the need to get my thoughts out.

-Saturn in 10th in a fixed earth sign ruling the 8th and 7th. (It's very weakly opposing Mars however). Even though it's squaring Neptune, this aspect lasted for a good amount of months, meaining we're better off checking other the rest of the chart to have a final statement. HOWEVER, Saturn is in sect and in the 10th house as I said, most likely making him less troublesome and reducing the malefic part of this planet.

-Uranus ruler of 8th is weakly squaring a very strong Mars and solidly squaring Venus in the 10th. This is a mild T-square between three planets in rulership. These planets rule the 8th, the 4th, the 10th, the 5th and the 11th, taking a rather more "profession related" meaning to it, considering the squares are applying to the 10th and 4th.

-Ruler of the 1st (Moon) is conjunct an angle (the IC) therefore indicating a long life. There is a trine to the 8th house and 12th house cusp. It's ruled by a very strong Venus. Trines Uranus ruler of the 8th. Sextiling the cusp of the 2nd and the 1st house through the North Node in Leo, ruled by Sun.

-A very strong Sun conjunct Jupiter and trining Pluto. Jupiter rules 6th. This is a very strong healing capacity (which I've experienced!) Sun-Jup have a weak sextile coming from Uranus ruler of the 8th.

-IC is conjunct Spica (and therefore the Moon which are treated as the same idea indicated by the chart as whole.

My verdict would be a long lifespan with some difficulties. Maybe some health issues, but nothing too bad.

The stronger factors when trying to answer a question through a natal chart are definitely the ones that are more personalized, such as a specific ascendant aspect, a moon aspect, a house aspect, etc. (if it can be applied to less people then better)

And the good thing is here that the "bad" indicators tend to be more general than the good ones. Especially considering the accuracy of the Sun's aspects as well as the Moon's. (Which are always important factors when determining health)


You can reply to this:

I think there are other methods to calculate lifespan however. (I believe it was the hayz?)

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