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Re: Why do 90% of people only wanna know about love and relationships?

Originally Posted by jollyzal View Post
It truly baffles me how many people get into astrology only asking for relationship and love advice. Is it because people need to be reassured so they look up things like astrology on the internet? People don't tend to have the necessity of reassurement when they're talking about their money or their personality, but once it comes down to others, to people they don't know fully... they do.

Is that it? I believe it's more important to know yourself before you get into things like relationships, don't you think?

Anyway I tend to rant and criticize a lot. That sparks my curiositiy, anything you see in my chart that makes me do that all the time? I think I like to bring up controversy because it makes everything less boring. I know this is related to Mercury but how would exactly a Pisces Mercury want to stir up controversy?

Men tend to ask me for career advice more. As for looking at charts to determine who may be on the horizon for love and marriage, that is understandable as many feel this sort of thing is fated and it can be. However nothing is set in stone and we can only give guidance and the probable outcomes and options.

Your placements in Aquarius including Uranus in the 7th would account for your controversial ideas about partnerships and the use of astrology.
The stars impel, not compel.

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