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Re: Seeking New Career

Originally Posted by Kitchy View Post
Hello Oso -

No, I never read the other posts until after I answer the original post. Too much distraction from what I sense and imagine. I read them following.

So, are you asking what new career will work for you or are you seeking new career in something you imagine you'd love to do? -
That's what I was asking when I started the thread--both of those things. That last post I made was a follow up, to let those who advised me previously know what I'd done with their advice, and see if I could get clarification on some points.

For exactly that reason, I really want people to read the previous posts in my threads before they post in them, especially if, like in this one, it's been many months and/or many posts since the thread began. The discussion could have taken twists and turns, and there could be entirely new developments, and what you would think from reading just the first post may no longer be true.

That said, I like what you said about history. I'm glad you said it after I'd gone through all that "land" discussion and made my decision, though, because it would've probably felt wrong to me before. Now that I am on a path, I can see how history relates to it, it's just not quite what you imagined.

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