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Re: Seeking New Career

Hello Oso -

No, I never read the other posts until after I answer the original post. Too much distraction from what I sense and imagine. I read them following.

So, are you asking what new career will work for you or are you seeking new career in something you imagine you'd love to do?

As long as it pertains to history, preservation and honoring the 'dead' - you will find success - education, conservation, curation - you will succeed.

If you are truly interested in herbology and medicinal - then you might consider Chinese Medicine - at any age - it is an acceptable learning environment for mid-life students. Double down on your studies though - because millineums are much harder to absorb than a couple of centuries of knowledge and practice.

I believe you are meant to make money, though, with that grand trine and its related aspects - through preservation of the past. As long as you stick with that - you will find your success.

However you find it -

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