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Re: Seeking New Career

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Usual story for this board: I'm seeking a new career... not that I've really had an old one! I've had lots of jobs but never felt I could make a real career out of any of them. I have a liberal arts bachelor's degree and absolutely no interest in graduate school, although I wouldn't mind taking a class or short training program if it were something I was interested in and I had the means to do it.

What I've gotten from previous analyses of my chart is that Uranus at the midheaven needs lots of variety (true for me), sixth house cusp in Gemini indicates impatience with routines and abilities for teaching, speaking, and/or writing (somewhat true for me), and second house cusp in Aquarius, coupled with Uranus at the midheaven, suggests unusual ways of making money. Nothing I've ever had any interest in doing has made enough money, though, which really leaves me stuck. One reason why I can't move forward is every step I can think of to take requires money that I don't have and can't acquire without first moving forward. I can't move forward without money, and I can't get money without moving forward.

Here's what else I require from any job, and I've never been able to find anything that meets these requirements: I completely lack the ability to multitask, I can't do anything that requires concentration, ie paperwork, unless I'm in a completely silent and distraction free environment, and while I absolutely have to have structure to be able to work, I completely lack the ability to create structure for myself. So I need structure created for me, but not rigid structure, no multitasking expected of me, and a distraction free environment if I'm expected to do any office-type work. I can't work under pressure, either. I also need ample physical movement, preferably outdoors.

So what could possibly give me the variety I need, and expectations appropriate for my abilities, and decent to excellent pay... and be suitable with my birth chart?
Hello -

Ruler of MC is Venus and located in 8th house conjunct Mercury. Venus squares Moon in 12th - so your natural inclinations will not feel emotionally gratifying because of that grand trine of sun moon jupiter.

Moon rules 7th house though and Saturn in it - which trines Mars in 6th - you have the ability to suceed at gritty work.

Have you ever considered estate sales or deconstruction of homes to preserve historical building materials?

2nd house ruler Uranus of "stuff" and building materials is on 10th. Consider yourself an historic preservationist.

Making money off of other people's stuff who've passed on Moon 12th trine Sun 8th - and Merc Venus already waiting there to get the cash.

Any square of Merc Venus in a chart is harmless - in 8th? it just means you have to smile and look pretty while you take the cash of buttholes who want to talk you down in price.

Jupitr at 4th IC shows you love old stuff - history - you get pleasure/bounty from it. Especially in grand trine from 4th 8th 12th.

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