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Re: Will I meet anyone?

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
I think yes, but Moon in 12th makes me think its not an official relationship, maybe a secretive. Or perhaps you need to hide how you feel. Perhaps this guy is involved already? Saturn afflicting his ASC and Jupiter separating from Venus, makes me think he is involved, so perhaps your romance with him cannot develop.

Let us know what happens!
Thank youuu. I should have mentioned I'm bisexual lol. Currently interested in a woman, and your analysis is right. We are both hiding our feelings. No idea how its going to work out. I will surely update when things are clearer.

Originally Posted by mathur_dinesh View Post
Studying with Indian astrology techniques I feel that you are being guided by an exalted Mercury which is intimately connected with Venus through Mars. Jupiter blesses this combination. Therefore there is every possibility of a romance sprouting before 19/September/2016.
Thats great, thank you for sharing your thoughts! ) Would Venus-Jupiter being in fall & detriment respectively give rise to difficulties or would it still be smooth sailing? Sorry if its an absurd question, I am still studying horary.
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