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Re: Seeking New Career

Originally Posted by urano View Post
Your Sun seems to me important, because of its own symbolism about career (Oddity already said this in your thread) and also because it is in sextile aspect with your MC. As well in your chart it is in its domicile! Great!

Considering things said in this thread, I think the relevant points are:
-Uranus in the 10th (Libra), Lord 2 (modern)
-Sun in the 8th (Leo) and Lord 8
-Jupiter in the 4th (Aries) and Lord 12 and 3
Fire element seems dominant here, as well cardinal mode. It should be note that Jupiter is in trine aspect with your Sun.
Do you have some relevant associations of ideas with this points?
All I know is that cardinal energy is good for starting things, and so is fire. I'm not sure whether my chart is more cardinal or more mutable, or an even balance, but it's definitely one of those.

Originally Posted by urano View Post
Concerning the land, just a question: is your location wellknown for something especially?
For example, very often a region is renowned for something typical: a dish, a specific fruit production, cereal, or alternatively a location can be renowned for something else like water-cure, etc. I don’t know exactly but often it’s something traditional, related to the history of the site.
Is this interesting to take into account? Some ideas?
From my part I can’t see the whole picture because there are too many things I don’t really know and I don’t live in US!
That kind of traditional doesn't really exist in America. We're a nation of displaced people. Except for the Native Americans, who got displaced from their land by the European settlers, everyone here came from somewhere else. If not you personally, then your ancestors did, and probably not too many generations back, either. We're all descendants of refugees, or kidnapped slaves, or people driven from their land by poverty or big land grabs. I'm an old blood American: my most recent immigrant ancestor was my great-great grandfather from Germany. Many Americans have more recent immigrations in their family trees.

That's especially true where I'm from, in fact; there are lots and lots of first and second generation immigrants here. And I am the first in my family to be born in this location--my parents both came from entirely different parts of the country. That, too, is typical for Americans. Very few live out their lives where they were born. Most of us live in multiple states within our lifetimes, and to put it in perspective, most of the US states are comparable in size to European countries. I've lived in a couple of other states myself.

What traditions we have related to specific locations are never more than a century or two old, often not even that. Most of the regional dishes and regional attractions are tourist traps, not staples of daily life.

The closest we get here to what you're describing is probably our national parks. As a matter of fact, I wanted to be a park ranger when I was younger, but because I'm dyspraxic, I was excluded from a wilderness education program that would have been the first step, which made me feel I couldn't pursue anything like that.

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