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Re: Seeking New Career

Hello Osamenor,
Oddity said:
Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
The problem is that 4-8-12 are not generally fortunate houses, though 4 does have some fortunate qualities and at least is strong. 8 is a notoriously difficult house for planets to manifest through (it rules death, and is considered an 'idle place' for planets within), and 12 has to do with isolation, illness, enemies, and self-undoing. Those are the primary meanings anyway.
Do you think that a work alongside older adults at the end of life could be something conceivable for you?
Capricorn rising and Saturn in the 7th house (older adults or underprivileged ones), the 8th house (death), the 4th house (the latter part of life), the 12th house (old people's homes). We can find a same type of thematic...

I admit I don’t see innovativeness (Uranus) here, nevertheless you could find a kind of structure, the quiet and silent environment you need.

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