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Re: Cardinal Grand Cross in April

Yes and it teaching me a great deal at the moment particularly how to handle my health issue. I believe 12th house of losses could be interpreted as a long distance move because we are ridding ourselves of the past and are moving to a new future.

TR Uranus just crossed natal Jupiter conjunct North Node in the 10th of Aries. That would be the travel and separation I suppose! Yep TR Jupiter is (r) in my 12th of Cancer too.
That explains a lot indeed. Uranus and Jupiter (sudden long distance travel?) & transiting Jupiter in 12th house of Cancer (long distance permanent move away from home?).

Yes I think my love affairs will undergo an assessment on the day. She and I have been struggling. There's been a long delay in communication because she's trying to finish up her university coursework before the beginning of next month. Plus she claims she has 'problems' but the strange thing is that she seems to communicate like nothings happened just normal with everyone else that we know. (She seems to deliberately ignore me. Clearly things something I've done wrong and I know what it is). I did **** her off the 1st time we spoke for like 6 hours on Skype for the first time in 1 year, and since then she's been acting all weird around me. I did ask a horary question about her and I and apparently she is busy with her work, but one interpretation suggested that she has another in her life at the moment. So I can see it's going to be very tense after she finishes university and returns home next month. I've decided to follow Mars' lead and avoid confrontations at all with her. Furthermore I'm going to try my best to long things out until the month of May to avoid falling prey to the Cardinal Grand Cross. That way the tension will clear and I'll be able to talk things out with her. But whatever will be, will be. I reckon when Mars goes direct there will be change, not just for myself but everyone. I read this article last night about what happens when Mars goes direct/retrograde:
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