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Re: how do you predict death?

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I'd be more inclined to believe Natal Aspects, Planetary placements would give us a tendency to practice unsafe/ bad habits and in the case of Whitney Houston or anyone with Sun squaring Neptune as she has lack an inherent ability to get honest with themselves when they surround themselves with like minded people in her case drug addictions. Her Mercury opposing the ascendant makes for a people pleaser. Early in life a Sun in a weaker house such as a cadent house (6th) like her's can make for a person who's Will may not be strong enough to break out of the people pleaser mold. A less fortunate combination.

..... and if you look at Ms. Houston Chart.. She failed to get past the transit only in reverse Transiting Sun (vitality) passed Natal Saturn (lessons in life) an equally dangerous time. She was under double threat because her natal Sun opposing the Saturn transiting Sun aspect was. One can never say any of these aspects indicated WHEN she would die because of this or any particular transit but I would say it is a time of greatest threat from death concerning not learning from any particular life lesson that is not getting through to us. Her stronger square between Venus and Neptune can point to difficult relationships I never had heard she had a drug issue till her and Bobby got together.

Her death being ruled an accident is no surprised when you see she has an unaspected mars which some think such an aspect could equal Sun squaring mars and person with a higher tendency for accidents or recklessness. Even with a part time user of coke it might be reckless to be getting in water much. Further, Saturn in any Classic hard aspect including conjunction to your Natal Sun are critical times in mine and others opinions I have seen it work in my life so many times. They are either a time of final pay off if have been ignoring a situation in your life or in my case they have always been wakeup calls. It may be just myself, but I believe there are not certain aspects of calculations that indicate death exactly and so most are better at looking death in retrospect. Ability to adjust in most every aspect of life is a main key to life. Particularly in our own attitudes about black and white thinking in particular.

Houston's caused of death explained

Tragic star accidentally drowned; cocaine a contributing factor

Singer Whitney Houston died as a result of accidental drowning, a coroner has ruled.

Cocaine use and heart disease were also named as contributing factors in the star's death. Other drugs found in her blood included marijuana, an anti-anxiety drug, a muscle relaxant and allergy medication.

A spokesman for the coroner said tests showed Houston was a chronic cocaine user, but added that "no trauma or foul play" was suspected in her death.

Houston was found underwater in the bath of her Los Angeles hotel room on February 11.
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