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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Originally Posted by MaeMae View Post
Hi Queen Fluff - thanks for the nice thought. To respond to your ? about 7th house - I intended to mean the "other," being the Neptune/Asc's 7th house.

The polarity.

I think the artistic inspiration is also present for the Neptune/Asc person, but one who has planets (espc. sun or venus or mars) in Neptune/Asc person's 7th, is likely to find a lot of inspiration, artistically or creatively from Nep/Asc person.

Did I confuse it more? Sorry, hope you get what I'm trying to say.
Thanks MaeMae! I think I get it. So, it would be other people who would have planets in MY 7th house (meaning you would need to do a composite chart/synastry to check on this - or at least have a correct natal chart for them) that would see me as a 'muse' type. Any certain planets?

I was reading this about the polarity of houses and signs:

Why the 7th house though? My Neptune is in my first house in Scorpio (3rd decan) and I thought that the opposite (polarity) would be my 6th (in Taurus) - but my 7th house cusp is in Taurus as well but that doesn't really match what the page says. Is it more house polarity or sign polarity for this? I am a newb at the polarity stuff.

Also, do you think that us Neptune/Asc's tend to be invisible to others (except for maybe those with the 7th house planets)? Like I mentioned above, people tend to forget my real name and I am not sure if it is because like you said - I don't seem to "be there", dreamlike?

I hope you don't mind me asking your opinion - this has always drove me crazy my whole life trying to figure this out. I am really interested in figuring out how others see me - I think new people I meet tend to forget I am there (except good friends who already know me well) and maybe it is just because the Neptune/Asc aspect makes me hard to understand (and easy to misunderstand) which is why I might "fade' in some people minds? Since they can't figure me out - maybe that is why they forget about me?

Sometimes I feel like shouting from a megaphone - "I am here, I am here"!

I definately know I am a creative, artistic person but I don't make my living as an artist - it comes out in other ways. I guess it is more of my quirkness and my love for the unique in those areas.
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