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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Adrian, the best way to confirm Asc and aspects to it is to work first with a broader persepective to see what Asc sign actually fits you. Ascendant Sign Descriptions
If Taurus, then watch transits of the fire planets through the area of your sign. Its easy to get confirmation of a narrow Asc arc (say a few degrees) by watching the Sun, Mars, or Jupiter transiting across or at angles to the Asc. Recently, a friend's chart that I'd rectified turned out to be within 1* once she described the timing of her 'second birthday' when the Sun passed over her Asc, which was 25* Scorpio, some 11* previous to the 11* Sag suggested by her birth time.

queenfluff, you may have Neptune in your 1st house, but probably not conjunct or parallel Asc.
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