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Re: Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

Imagine having to argue (using words) with every intellectual snob (Hermes is smiling) about the proportions (logic) of astrology (???) and it's purpose.

That's taking into consideration that not everyone is a scribe (so there will be a variation in the argument, some will even be illogical, some will be creative and some will be intuitive) not everyone is a wordsmith (so there will be words used as means to twist the context while creating many degrees of the same truth) and not everyone is of the fabric of intelligence the majority of these snobs choose to draw from one tiny little planet, having all forgotten the essence of the minor is only made revolutionary in the major, not before - otherwise its just recycling information.

This simply means Mercury runs everything, until further notice - and it never comes.
So 'quick' he truly absorbs nothing.

Talking about paying dues or taking short cuts Bob. Not everyone on this planet is a work horse, or has to be - not for study or otherwise, but granted that most of us have to, those of us who don't will immediately become victims of accusations about our level of intelligence or the validity of our wisdom based on majority vote. Intelligence my friends, isn't measured only by 'study' or years of education, and massive influx of information in script form or calculus, endless testing or experimentation. No. Intelligence is something far brighter, more simple and a lot less boring!!
but then again, when you leave the empirical populous to its devices, no one is ever enough, and everything is always complicated! IMO
That which is little must be made more - (isn't that how capitalism started? similarly to those 'intellectuals' having to own words).
That only disobeys the laws of nature.
And might I remind you all, that the years when astrology was still at the gates of the next era, there was much to be discarded before moving along, that's why most information was done away with! And much more to be learned inside before there could be a manifestation of harmony; thus astrology is the study of what's inside, through an interest in the outside, yet it's become tainted by you lot and the pressing need to be right!
Anyway, I can't expect any of you 1000 and more posts to listen, the ego in this room is far more massive than the big brains will allow any of you to see, that is why there is need for a list of do's and don't anyway.

My addition to this list was one of compassion.

Speaking of compassion...

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.
Albert Einstein
..Her hands feel the embrace of heavy tools, red cloth wraps her wet body, she's changing. her hair curves out into thick locks. her tear-shaped breasts now armoured, body fit. Aware of her quick perception as eagles pass on the vast plains, her breathing deepens. Feet stabilize, muscles tighten, head tilted forward. Fire fills dreamy Luna's heart, sharpening her senses. Now enriched by her freedom to act again, she turns away from the water "the answers are here, i'll have to fight for them.."
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