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Re: janus 4

Originally Posted by Radu View Post
Now is the time to download the 30 days free trial version of Janus 4, the new version of Janus, available now (since December). I totally loved Janus 3, I thought it's perfect, but Janus 4 gives even more.
I have Janus 4. I like it. I think that it is solid software for the price. It never crashes. It is accurate. It has a wide range of features.

There are a couple of little things that annoy me though. The main one being that you can't incorporate arabic parts into a chart. It will calculate lots of them and give you a table of their positions, but there is no way to visually incorporate the parts into a chart or see aspects related to the arabic parts.

Also, I wish the electional mode would let you specify more detailed parameters.

Overall, I'd give this software a solid B grade. But I'm ready for more bells and whistles so someday I will upgrade to either Kepler or Sirius.
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