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Re: Traditional astrology chart - Online calculator

Originally Posted by kaktuzz View Post

thanks for new inspiration!

I still haven't implemented fixed starts on Astro-seek and it's still waiting on my todo list (so it's not do-able currently) ... but once I finally implement some major fixed stars, then I think that this calculation should be pretty do-able

I have just 2 technical/silly questions:

1) ...stars or planets that are angular as a planet hits the ascendant, MC, Descendant or IC...
does it also work for planet & planet (and is it useful?) ... or is it mostly used with fixed star & planet in traditional astrology?

2) are you interested in calculation, which just checks your natal chart and tell you, if paran(s) is here or not?
- or are you rather interested in some "paran clock calculator"? I found this article
and there is this "paran clock" nice tool. (I'm thinking how to do that )
Hello Kaktuzz and thank you for your prompt reply
Actually Jupiter's question was initiated by our mini discussion with Jupiter on the significance of Paranatellonta in horary specifically.
So let me give you some more horary many traditional astrologers treat also outer planets , such as uranus, pluto, neptune as fixed stars, meaning that we ignore them unless they are right on a relevant house cusp or in immediate aspect with one of the main significators( a degree or so ..)
So we are concerned only with also with fixed stars.And this is why parans could be useful to check also these in the examples you uploaded more or less these conjunctions with fixed stars or outer planets, provide us a shorthand answer, that is already well shown by the seven traditional planets's another testimony relevant to the specific context.

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