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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

So I spoke with Jeremy Neal regarding the two articles I posted on here a while back. For the one about Pluto's dignities, he created a system based on the ideas of Alexander Volguine, who he first encountered in the 1980s. He culled from the journal Volguine wrote called Cahiers Astrologique, where Volguine derived a system of dignity based on the Hindu Shadbalas. Since then he's tweaked, refined and made it his own factoring in things such as reception and ferality. He finds his personally constructed system very useful for the insights its garnered him.

As to the one on the levels of human consciousness, his gotten a lot of inspiration from the ideas of David Hawkins, and he summed up by saying that the scale was derived at using kinesiology. The indication is that this isn't the whole picture, but he assured me that it was essentially true.

I conjecture that based on what he said about the planetary scale, that he might have culled from things such as the study of pressure points and the chakra systems in the body. That's just my hunch anyway. In any event, there is something pleasing to me about the fact that this scale has an element of embodiment or significance to the body. In a way it seems to hit upon what passiflora was alluding to when she spoke about the psychodynamics of an astrological system.

I also asked him about the ages. Essentially it says while he enjoys unravelling occult mysteries, he much rather focus on the areas of astrology that will aid in further self-actualisation and functioning in societies with its complex social expectations. I could PM you his exact words on the matter, David.

You could hit him up at He's pretty cordial, although he won't go into too much details as to how he has come to his conclusions astrology, partly because a lot of it is embodied and intuitive knowledge accumulated over a lifetime of doing astrology.
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