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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
Is he using the Outermosts as Sign-rulers? Or, using them at all?
Also, in Natal, there's apparently strength in both the fall & detriment placements. Horary has its own methodology, apart from Natal.
Notice the strength of Sun in Aqua (detriment in both conventional and 12/12); and, Mars in Taurus (detriment in Trad and fall in 12/12).
He took in outer planets, but he didn't consider them a primary factor in horary. He only used sign rulers of those planets when the situation really called for it and he only used them as secondary factors.

And from my experience, some rules in horary seem to also be true for natal. The separating/approaching rule could be applied for natal to determine aspect strength. Mutual reception can be something to consider too.
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