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Good EVENING everyone:

Here I will begin by systematically predicting the death of famous individuals (as time permits) based on various principles and techniques, from Hellenistic to Modern methods as I have developed my own system, in a sense.

Why you might ask? Because death is not the end my friend. But it was astrology's first purpose, predicting winners and losers, and usually to lose was to die. So in essence, this is a thread that supports the validity of astrology from its roots, or as the Nords would say, from Yggdrasil.

Jimmy Carter
The first on this list is Jimmy Carter. As of now I know of no illness to befall him or from which he suffers. Nevertheless, sometime between summer and fall (as his time has not been rectified and is rounded), expect by September. If I had to pick a day it would be September 30th, 2019. It is unclear if he dies on this date or if it becomes apparent that he soon will pass away. When he does pass away, it will get by natural causes, e.g., organ failure/aneurism/etc.
(Methods: Solar Returns, Progressions, Uranian Directions/Progressions)

I will add to this list as I can, those whom I deem to had a relatively imminent death approaching and who are in the public eye.

I suppose I'm putting my huevos on the line but that's what you have to do ...
Thatís insane how close you are giving the fact that jimmy carter just fell yesterday October 7th 2019. Normally when an elder falls normally other things start to happen to them which leads to dying thatís sad but itís normally a fact of life

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