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Re: Mars turning direct by progression - more assertiveness and drive?

Looking at the transits to your birth chart for Jan/23/2011 there is Jupiter entering Aries (drive and energy to achieve your goals) midpoint between natal Venus in the 10th house (public recognition) and Moon in the 1th (emotions concerning your body). Venus also rules 6th house of health. Jupiter also making a trine to Pluto in your 7th house opposing Moon. Great aspect for tackling deep psychological issues and gain control over your own life.

P. Jupiter going retro, can show you becoming very focused, maybe obsessively consumed on an idea. Looking further at your upcoming progressive chart, starting in Oct. 2022 P. Sun makes a trine to your Mars and Jupiter trine. If you don't know what that idea might be, I think you will see one beginning to form in the not to distant future.

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