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Re: Traditional astrology chart - Online calculator

Originally Posted by kaktuzz View Post

Btw I have one silly question

I noticed, that house cusps aren't important (they aren't taken into account) in harmonics charts (ASC & MC only matter)

1) is it "better" to use "no houses" in these Harmonics charts(?)
= to start the chart with 0 Aries on the left and just place ASC and MC wherever they fall(?)
( does this):

2) or is it visually(?) better to start the chart with ASC on the left and use whole sign houses from ASC?
(I pre-set this second option for now, because I did it recently for Dwadamsa D12 chart; but I'm not sure if it's possible/convenient also for Harmonics charts?)
Since you say houses are not important for Harmonics charts
then no need to use them - but others may have other opinions
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