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Re: Grand trines

Originally Posted by hexakosioi View Post
Hi there,

I notice I have a few grand trines, can any one explain their significance?

Also read my chart in general if possible.

Thanks for your birth info! According to sidereal astrology, you are a Libra rising/Taurus Sun/Leo Moon

Since Libra is your asc, it is ruled by Venus which becomes an important planet for you. Venus is in your 7th house, in the sign of Aries. Itís in a neutral sign, without any malefic planets aspecting it. You are sweet in relationships (whether it be romantic, or business). You are never aggressive when it comes to these matters. You find yourself dealing with a lot of enemies and competition, creating sudden ups and downs in your life. Your Saturn is in mutual aspect with the Sun, which can represent father. Your Saturn also aspects your 4th house, but itís aspecting Capricorn, its own house, so doesnít damage it too badly. I would say and your father had a rocky relationship, but itíll get much better with time, as it is in a Nakshatra ruled by Moon, and Moon is in the 11th house, a house that gets better over time. Your relationship with your parents and people in home have been strained, but itíll get better over time. Your Saturn/Moon aspect creates a Dhan Yoga, a wealth producing Yoga. Especially when you run your Sun or Saturn time period.

You entered your Venus period in 1991, and it lasted until 2011. So almost all of your childhood life can be viewed from Venus. Putting Venus in your asc, itís ruler Mars goes into the 3rd house, and is conjunct Mercury, in the sign of Gemini. Mercury is very very strong here. Because Ketu goes into your 6th house, even though you dealt with enemies/competition, you never gave two shits about it. You were great at dealing with enemies through communication, and heated communication at that. But once you said what was needed to be said, you forget about it. You didnít let the negativity that comes from enemies linger. Enemies at this age indicates bullies. You may also have studied something related to law or medicine. Iím saying this because 5th house is deals with relationships/education (til undergrad). Its in by a nakshatra ruled by Ketu, which is in your 6th house from Venus.

You currently are running your Moon period (until October 2027). This is great time for career matters. You may work for matters relating to home/home land, and you will be very successful at it, bringing you luck and fame.

Does any of this sound accurate so far? Could you tell me what is, and what is not?
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