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12th house mysteries and career problem

Hello everyone,

Hope you are well and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Ever since I can remember I had a gut feeling that I need to do something meaningful and impactful in life, something that will change the course of humanity as a whole (it might sound too much, but here I express with full honesty how I really feel).

It is very hard for me to really figure it out and focus my energy on one specific target, since I have so many interests and whatever I theoretically choose does not satisfy me fully.

I have studied Financial Management and I work in the field, but I really donít feel joyful with what I am doing. I am not sensing the impact I know I need to sense.

Through school and up to this date, I had interests in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Economics and Athletics. I use to compete in all of these, had good results, but never really prepared for any of these, it just came natural. This lack of discipline is not costing me a lot and am exactly looking to find my focus and dedicate my analytical abilities to exactly one field (or two disparate ones that when combines will produce something new), in order to be able to invent something new and of lasting value to the society (I have a really strong urge to accomplish this).

I am currently 24, almost 25, have been working for the past 5 years and am not at all happy with where I am. I have been studying astrology and numerology for a while with quite a vigour, however knowing that this is a very broad area, I need help from all of you in discerning and finding more about myself.

I went through a depressive period over the course of past 2 years, I know feel better, but really need to get my things together. I have made a lifeís blueprint on all subjects (material, love, health, spirituality, environment) and I am very certain these areas are really based on my likes and my preferences and will bring me great joy, however I am struggling with the career part and canít seem to go out of this whirlpool of vagueness.

I have read something about the planets in 12th house and since I have them (my parents have them as well), I was wondering if someone could help with this and possibly suggest on a quality way to approach these aspects and heal in the required domains. I also need a very specific vocational guidance.
I just feel that if I donít get this together, I will be utterly discontent with my life. Knowledge and career are really the most important to me, and funny enough, my greatest struggle in terms of focus and determination.

I was born on 14/08/1992 at 6am, in Belgrade, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). If you also have deep insights into numerology my numbers are Life Path 16/7, Expression 11/2, Soul Urge 22/4, Personality 7, Birthday 14/5.

Thank you for your help.
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