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Re: Please read my chart!!

Originally Posted by KingKrime View Post
Hi everybody! I recently realized I have a T-square in my chart and I need some help deciphering!
It reads Ascendant in Virgo opp. Uranus in Pisces with MC in Gemini as the focal.

I also noticed that my sun and moon (cancer and Pisces respectively) are trine at 25, both sextile my North Node. Any thoughts? I’m still a novice haha, so any feedback is appreciated!
You don't have a T-square in your chart, dear KingKrime.

A t-square is built by 2 planets opposing each other and squaring a 3rd planet at apex of the t-square - intensely interacting with each other. An axis point is a static point and cannot be active like a planet can be.

Having both lights - sun and moon in same element and trining each other - means both planet energies understand each other very well and kinda nonverbally - like good friends and working together hand in hand to achieve their aims and purposes - each planet has - from the house and lifetheme - it rules.

And in your chart - your moon is "the boss" of your sun - as sun is in a moon ruled 11th house - focussed and interested on and in social commitment, to get socialized and accepted in public and society and to give a personal contribution up there - to feel your life as senseful.
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