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Re: Does my chart say I am going to Hell in the afterlife?

Originally Posted by leomoon View Post
When I think of heaven or any higher spiritual plane, I think “Jupiter” and look at the aspects to that spiritual planet. In your case, Jupiter is 10Gemini, and trine the Moon in Aquarius in the tropical chart. Your 1st Hs. Jupiter is also trine Neptune in the 9th house of higher philosophies and religion. Mars in Sagittarius, 25th deg. Is considered somewhat critical (do you drink a lot?) or party regularly? Its in the 7th house square Venus at 1Aries (also critical) and Mars squares your POF & Venus both in 11th of friendships and hopes & dreams.
This seems to be the place you may want to think about. The energy expended and how you expend it. If it’s for good practices or not. Of course you are yet young (imo) and we often learn by the mistakes we made when we were young and when older attempt to make corrections. The sooner of course the better.
I’ll come back later and comment on your Vedic or post the chart for you.
Nope. I am a very introverted guy who has never drunk alcohol before. I am not very socially active, have very few friends, and have only been to a few parties. I have never kissed a girl, had sex, nor even had a girlfriend. I am actually a very attractive guy, many women have told me this, but I most likely have Asperger's Syndrome.
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