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Does my chart say I am going to Hell in the afterlife?

I was born on April 17th 2001 at EXACTLY 8:00 AM (believe it or not, the time is definitely accurate, my parent(s) are super obsessed with astrology and made sure to record a time as accurate as possible.

EDIT: BIRTHPLACE: Janesville, Wisconsin, USA.

In my D1 chart, I have Moon in the 9th house looking at the 4th house, Sun in the 12th house, and Ketu in the 8th house. I've heard that having Sun/Moon/Ketu in the 4/8/12 houses indicates moksha in the afterlife. However, I've also heard that the D9 chart and D20 chart matters more for afterlife than the D1 chart. I've heard that having Rahu in the 12th house conjunct with the 6th house or 8th house lord indicates Hell. In my D9 chart, I have Rahu conjunct with Saturn and Mercury, the lord of the 6th house for my Aries navamsha ascendant. In the D20 chart, I have Rahu in the 12th house; however, in the Lahiri version, Mercury is also looking at the 1st house without any malefic conjunctions, which I've heard can also indicate Heaven.

If my horoscope does indicate that I am going to Hell, could it also indicate why I might? My horoscope also describes me as a good, kind-hearted person who will do a lot of philanthropic work. Am I reading my horoscope wrong? Does my chart indicate Heaven?

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