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Re: Loss of virginity in the horoscope

Originally Posted by Fz hb View Post
Hey. I have been following this thread for a while. Recently I came to realize the power of north node in several aspects of life. So I tried to see if NN also plays an integral part in this too and went back to see some charts (mine and others, with permission). I noticed that there are way too many different aspects but some positions and aspects are common. 7th and 8th house rulers and residents are important, like most people have said here. North node aspecting these rulers is very very important. In some cases there were inconjuncts from transit north node to 7th or 8th ruler and vice versa. I don't know the reason why north node is important. I hope someone here can shed some light.
Nodes are eclipse points. For a solar eclipse to happen, the moon and the sun have to both be conjunct either the north node or the south node. For a lunar eclipse, one of them has to be on each node. See up thread about eclipses correlating with virginity loss, particularly if the eighth house is ruled by the sun or the moon.

The solar eclipse that coincided approximately with my first time was a north node eclipse in my eighth house, close to my solar return, with my Leo sun returning to natal eighth, which it rules.

If there's an aspect between the transiting nodes and a chart placement, that means the closest eclipse to the event happens in aspect to that placement.
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