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Re: Will the magistrate find me guilty

Originally Posted by margincall View Post
How to read from this chart when the current case will end?
dear, I really can not figure out what exactly you are asking to know exactly. I think all your questions have been answered on your case.

Your question:

Will the magistrate / judge find me guilty.

The answers you got:
by Sunrise
In the end, I think the decision will not be against you
by tikana
the judge will side with you
that will be the outcome of the trial
according to horary
You asking:- how do I look for the verdict
- How to read from this chart when the current case will end?
- As my chart is a legal question, what should I look for to find what the outcome could you?

by Sunrise
The final decision of the court or decision we look at it from the 4th house, the end of the case, and so, Lord here the Moon.
you are asking about this trine with Mars Venus and you have already been given a response from the members of the forum.

by you:
Lastly, can the Mars-Venus trine be interpreted as "hatred" towards each other?

by waybread
On the other hand, Venus retrograde (ex wife) applies to a trine with Mars. Is there a possibility of you two settling this out-of-court?
by tikana
your xwife and you will come into some kind of agreement .. most likely she will drop the charges or whatever
has provided information and resources that you can read and train.

So, I think all your answers have been given about your case.
Please read more carefully the answers you have received. all your questions are in the answers given to your question.

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