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Re: Will the magistrate find me guilty

I'm not getting a clear read on this chart, but I'm traveling now, so can't look up a few points that I would research, otherwise. Tikana is much more experienced at horary than I am.

Generally in horary we look for significators applying to aspects with one another; or failing that, exchange of essential dignity. Sometimes an antisticia relationship. I'm not seeing the magistrate (Saturn) giving you (Mars) much support here, and the moon (your stake in the matter) is in its fall and is combust. Mars is ruled by Saturn, but Saturn doesn't return the favour. On the other hand, Venus retrograde (ex wife) applies to a trine with Mars. Is there a possibility of you two settling this out-of-court? Venus is in the sign of Saturn's exaltation, but he doesn't seem to be doing much for her, either.

I'm a bit perplexed by your question, however-- it seems you did physically assault your ex wife, just not as badly as she claimed?

In horary astrology there are some cautions against judgement. One of them is not assisting the querent in illegal actions. I don't think your question quite crosses that line, but if you did assault your ex wife and wonder if you can get out of the repercussions, it comes pretty close.
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