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Re: read my chart for marriage

Originally Posted by gemastro View Post
I'm confused about the Part of Marriage... Which formula is best? Does it depend on your chart?

I'm single, 46 and would love to get married.. Prog Venus will conjunct Natal Uranus in my Natal 5H this year, and eclipses on 1/7 axis just started this year, which gives me some hope :-)

Here are the 3 formulas that I'm aware of, with calculations for my chart

Part of marriage women (1) Asc + saturn - venus ... Aquarius 00'22"
Part of marriage women (2) Asc + mars moon ... Cancer 13'04"
Part of marriage both men & women Asc + Desc - venus ... Libra 09'57"
I don't use them, I just put them there for members to try and play about with.
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