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Re: read my chart for marriage

Originally Posted by amymaddalozzo View Post
I have had always problems with the rule that a woman should look to her sun and see how many aspects it makes before it leaves the sign it's in. My sun is at 29 degrees of leo and it is separating from a trine to natal moon at 28 degrees and applying to opposition with jupiter at 3 degrees of pisces. I have been married (now widowed) and my sun makes no aspects before it leaves leo My husband's moon made 3 aspects before it left its sign of libra and he was married only once
I think it's worth bearing in mind that the natal chart, like solar returns is all about 'potential' but as we all know we don't always fullfil that potential do we.

It's like someone saying they can predict death, but with modern medicine and sciences the way they are and the potential to 'die' three times in a life, doesn't mean to say you will does it

I think lots of people have unrealistic expectations about what astrology can and can't do. astrology is an 'art, science and craft' and not clairvoyance either. If there were a formula or signature, don't you think we would ALL be using it?

I don't really care if some members here sick of me posting links, we get new members all the time that can be so self absorbed they don't read other people's threads they just want answers now now now to their 'same old' questions --

Unfortunately, there is no set formula or signature for marriage or childbirth, although others may disagree, apparently horary and vedic seem confident in this area. There are indicators and potential as there would be with natal, solar return chart but guarantees --

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