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Re: Conjunction in Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in the 5th house

Frisiangal explained it well. I think a lot of what we'll be doing as a cohort is identifying structural failures in society (Saturn/Capricorn) and creating new, more human-centric ones (Uranus/Neptune) in their place.

It's difficult to separate the energies in a conjunction, so many of us struggle with being a "cog in a system" or working a 9-to-5 desk job without seeing all the Uranian/Neptunian gaps in that lifestyle, since we expect our Saturnian structures to be more creative, humanistic, empathetic and less rigid.

Your chart definitely looks to be a case of letting go of individualistic/control based motives (Virgo SN on ascendant) for a more other-centric life where letting go is important (Pisces NN on the descendant). All your personal planets in the 7th also point towards this.

The stellium in the 5th is more difficult to understand without understanding you, since it could point to a number of different parts of your life. It will have to do with reconfiguring/imagining old structures regarding 5th house matters (children?)
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