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Said the Gen Zer who is a Libertarian, not a neo-Nazi or retro-Soviet, and not a conservative or a Liberal either, I thought the third party alternative is growing and gaining ground among anyone born from 1996-2003 (ages 18-25 crowd).

Looking at my natal chart with my sun and moon plus SN in Aquarius and the movement of my sign ruler Uranus in the ephemeris, Uranus transits that sign, esp. conjunct the natal moon (20'), midpoint (23'), sun (26') and south node (29') from Jan 2001-Mar 2003 (19-29') and again Oct-Dec 2003 (28-30' range) to indicate a gain in fortune when I worked 3 years straight (hired in Jun 2001) and was able to have myself an apartment at age 24 and a half in Aug 2004.

I should have a better year with Jupiter conjunct my natal moon-MP-sun-SN range in 2021, esp since March 1 to Dec 31 (the 20-30' Aquarius-esp 1' Pisces range, Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces). It should be similarly lucky to me to have Jupiter moves into my natal sun sign in 1985-86 (my parents later divorced when I was 7), 1997-98 (when I was 18 to graduated high school) and 2009-10 (hired a new job in the middle of the Great Recession right when I turned 30 and I'm still working there). Jupiter is highly benefic, but Uranus has a special power to bring forth unique life experiences, what if Jupiter-Uranus is conjunct? I have 0-3' pisces in my 8th house (starts from ironically 8' Aquarius).
Wow interesting. I've got transit Uranus exactly conjunct my moon in Taurus now, then it will go to conjunct my Jupiter in Taurus next. This is in the 9th. Transit Jupiter is trining my stellium in Gemini in 10th and Sextiling my Saturn and Uranus in 4th. I feel like I should be making a fortune rn but currently not. Starting my own online trading business but I don't have much to invest so it's slow slow slow

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