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confusing relationship with very deep attatchment

I've had many intense connections and relationships in the past (pluto square ascendant), but this one takes the cake. I'm curious by looking at our charts what you can tell about it. It seems to take so many shapes and forms and overlap in so many ways, that I'm exhausted by even trying to define it. Both of us have said it feels fated and felt it's impossible to shake, no way to get away from each other, even when we've wanted to.

This is also a lot of what got me really into astrology, as looking back on specific dates with an ephimeris a lot has been a dance of stars....

These are other exact aspects:
My NN squares his Sun/Moon Midpoint
My venus squares his Venus/Mars Midpoint
My Sun/Moon Midpoint squares his Vertex

We had three first meetings, in a way. First, then half a year later a first date, then half a year later was the actual kick off.

At our very first meeting my progressed sun was conjunct his natal moon
When we met for the third time my progressed moon was conjunct his natal venus.
During the third time his progressed moon was conjunct my NN, and also conjunct his progressed DSC, meaning his prog. DSC was conjunct my NN. Which means his progressed moon also squared his own Sun/Moon midpoint at the time.

I'll add davison if anyone is interested

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