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Originally Posted by creativei View Post
lol that doesn't mean everyone who has that alignment will have life like , many other things should also be considered . even slighest variations in degrees will alter the chart . so dont confuse by seeing others life . not all people who has saturn in 5th experience the same . signs , constellations , degrees . aspects will later that .

Have you seen rama chart . he too cancer asc only , his 7th lord exalted im 4th in sign of libra , which is his super friendly house . despite of that he had exalted mars in 7th kalathra dosh . but since jupiter aspected it , it protected the marriage . also his 12th lord aspecting 7th lord thats y he separated from spouse and also home ,. but since lagna lord aspected 7th he got back his wife . connection between lagna lord and 7th will ensures long lasting marriage , couples wont separate for any reason , thats why sita went with rama to forest and beard sufferings .

yeah, that's certain since each one is unique.... Even my lagna lord is aspecting 7th house from 1st so do my 7th lord as well from 5th.... from it wise for me to infer that if married I can't escape from my wife for any I will be always in 24/7 of my wife's radar ?
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