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Re: Career possibilities? 17M

I was just asking, like what do I know? Some people are pretty ahead of their chart or so it seems, like that's the thing with charts, you have a hard placement at first and by mental work you turn it into an advantage ...or you don't, you just stick with almost same pattern of behaviour until you're an old can. Like if Saturn return was about to solve it for everyone than I guess world wouldn't be such a mess, would it? [deleted attacking comments - Moderator] So yeah, why don't you first think about how to make a personality out of you and think about the success thing after? Just set yourself some gradual small goals and do them and you will feel the success and personal fame, it's quite simple and it feel amazing. Like yeah, the topic of the company looks in synch with the topics, doesn't it? Well also might not if it's not about the message and the actual education. Second house in taurus tend to love money and luxury and venus in sag might love a lot of it and in the 8H even obsessively. But even if I didn't see it, be sure that only the choice of words tells a lot about you which is another thing that you should pay attention to. Just wanted to say, be sure that your wishes come from a noble place or your hurt your own emotions.

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