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Re: Career possibilities? 17M

Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
Alright, so it seems like you'd prefer a prediction based & event oriented approach to astrology. I'd say start with traditional astrology then. My own astrological education was idiosyncratic and unsystematic, and it wasn't until last year that I'd read a book that I'd consider a real good book for beginners. And I mean absolute beginners to traditional concepts. That book is called "The Tiny Universe - Astrology and the Thema Mundi Chart" by Joy Usher. Alongside that you could pick up Hellenistic Astrology by Chris Brennan & Introductions to Traditional Astrology by Ben Dykes which is a translation of the works of Abu Ma'shar and Al-Qabisi , two prominent astrologers from antiquity. I can also send you Robert Zoller's beginner course on astrology, if you are up for it.

Here's a piece of unsolicited advice. I genuinely think that being too married and locked into a certain style inhibits your growth. Learn them, master them but don't lock yourself into them as there are other approaches and techniques in astrology that would greatly enrich your repertoire and understanding of astrology and it's rich symbolism.

The first Saturn return happens at the end of your 20s and at the start of your 30s. Between the ages of 27-30. One could call it the rite of passage into "planetary adulthood".

I think your dad's business fits the kind of thrust I see happening in your chart, yes. Especially that last line sounds like Gemini Saturn Rx in the 3rd house.
I think the Robert Zoller's beginner course on astrology would serve me very well, I really appreciate the offer. I will also look into the books you've mentioned.

I agree with you, I don't plan on limiting myself to one style of astrology. I am thankful for your advice.

I would hate to be in school at age 30!!!
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