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Re: Career possibilities? 17M

It did get under my skin for a split second, but I genuinely would've been okay with the comment if there was good reasoning. I think what made me think "what the hell" the most is when she said "you know what? You're putting a thing in my mouth that I didn't say, I've just asked you and you concluded it by yourself." for obvious reasons. I'd like to say I'm in very good control of my emotions, but when I feel that I have a right to be angry, I do have how you would describe, a violent temper. My emotions do jump around as well. Generally, I know when I'm being a jerk or otherwise though.

One last question, is there anything in my chart that leads me to have a dislike towards people who aren't straight up and or dance around what they truly mean? I've always had a liking towards people who are honest and upfront.

Seriously, I really do appreciate your insight. Thank you!

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