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Re: Career possibilities? 17M

Originally Posted by Sam7844 View Post
Sorry. I know I was being a little cheeky haha. I don't really know why, she just gave me a weird vibe and I knew when it came down to it, aah whatever.

I'm not too sure what Leo Moon opp. Mars/Uranus does though, would you explain to me? I'd really appreciate it
Her comments seemed to get under your skin, where she might not necessarily be meaning to offend you. But a Leo Moon can be sensitive to criticism, and Mars/Uranus adds a hair trigger reaction time to any thing that may "hit against your Moon". From easily annoyed, to a downright violent temper. Highly reactive, 0 to 100 in no time flat. Based on house placements it may not be so apparent and you may suppress it, but it will find its way to bleed out. Be conscious of it so it doesn't become your undoing.
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