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Re: Career possibilities? 17M

Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
I didn't expect that your father's field would fit so well with the energy of your chart. Very interesting. Both Gemini and especially Sagittarius can be undisciplined and prodigal, especially in youth. While both Chiron and Saturn could connote the difficulties you've faced in your schooling. But bare in mind that both Saturn and Chiron are planets with long cycles (28 years for Saturn and 50 years for Chiron) and they both speak to maturity/wisdom through adversity, blockages and delays. You might hate schooling now at the age of 17, but you may eventually see the value of the schooling process despite of that and bite the bullet to do it, because you see its importance in the overall value in the achievement of your aims (which you certainly have a lot of, noting your fire placements). Barring an early death, you have a whole life to live through, and the significance of academic experience doesn't stop just because you might have dropped out of school. During your first Saturn in particular you may come to some realizations about your life where your attitude toward education changes.

Regarding learning more about astrology, what type of astrology are you most drawn to? That would give me a better idea of what books I can recommend to you.
I'm not really sure, astrology in general interests me. I'm really not entirely sure why, but most probably because I feel that if I can see something coming from up ahead, I'll know how to better plan for it and things like that.

Whichever you genuinely recommend, I will give a try. When is this "first Saturn" going to happen?

Oh, and regarding my dad's business, so you feel that this is a great fit for me?

One last thing I forgot to mention, his business also makes books for low level reading students.

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