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Re: Career possibilities? 17M

Originally Posted by Sam7844 View Post
You're spot on! I would like to be a person in charge or in a seat of power. I was thinking maybe perhaps owning a business some day, or maybe taking over my father's company. How do you feel about those options?
Those are splendid options. The thing about astrology is that it should confirm to the "truth" of a person's life. The exalted Jupiter in the 4th suggests the power of your father, and possibly a good relationship with him growing up, as he was a ready mentor and teacher to you. The Sagittarius planets are disposed by this Jupiter, so a lot of your energies being oriented toward his business and the "family legacy" is a decent manifestation of the chart energies.

What does your father's company specialise in, if you are willing to share? Based on how you say it, it sounds like it's in a field that you would have no problem participating and working in.
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