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Re: Career possibilities? 17M

With Aries Rising, Mars conj. Uranus in Aqu ruling the chart, Moon in Leo, Cap MC, Sun-Merc-Pluto conj. in Sadge opposed. to Saturn in Gemini, and Jupiter as the only angular planet there is a theme of expansionism, attraction to power & seeking of influence; wanting to be a "high flyer". I see your chart as a politically oriented chart, but with a lot of intellectual power driving behind it.

Some career suggestions as you requested would be Public Relations, Academia or teaching (higher Ed. or High School), diplomacy, international relations, Law, Politics, Journalism and publishing. These are broad stroke suggestions that can be further fine-tuned depending on what you share, or if you do not wish to discuss with anyone publicly, what you meditate upon and hash out individually or with your confidants. There is a talent or at least interest in information, it's treatment and it's dissemination. Gemini Saturn in the 3rd gears toward a technical and studious mind, which will put you at an advantage in any of the aforementioned options.

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