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Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Typical astrologer story:

Mary asks "Will my boyfriend come back?"

Tell me about your boyfriend. What happened?

Well, he beat me up and broke my arm. While I was at the doctor's he took my brand new Beamer, took all the money out of my bank account, then eloped with my sister.

Well, Mary, why do you want such a jerk to come back?

Because I love him so much.


Pay attention to your Little Voice.
I totally understand the importance to pay attention to my little voice, but sometimes I need clarity determining what is my little voice and what is my over-thinking.

As I mentioned, he isn't abusive, cheating on me, stealing from me, or abusing substances. It would be black and white for me if he were.

He tries to make the relationship work. Sometimes I feel like he tries harder than I do.
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